Whatever the device, there's an app for that...

Applications are a great way to engage customers with brands and content and the opportunities to deliver digital media through applications are increasing as consumer demand for downloads across all platforms continues to surge.

Yamgo TV Apps

Engaging TV for all

Yamgo delivers engaging, functional TV apps with fully integrated social features and advertising functionality across all platforms for web (Chrome Web Store, Mac App Store), smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices) and tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook and Android devices).

Smartphone Applications

All mobile platforms

The Yamgo portfolio of smartphone apps puts live TV in customers' pockets 24 hours a day. The Yamgo smartphone apps solution delivers compelling and exciting content direct to mobile users across platforms that include iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Bada and Windows, driving audience growth, and brand recognition.

Android is the fastest growing Smartphone operation system within the mobile phone market and has been adopted by some of the largest handset manufacturers in the world including Samsung and HTC. Android presents an excellent opportunity to engage viewers, raise brand awareness and drive revenue.

iPhone is fast becoming the world's most popular mobile phone handset and thanks to the popularity of the App Store, the iPhone is a powerful tool for promoting brands, developing audiences and increasing revenue.

Blackberry Yamgo recognises the strength of the BlackBerry software platforms in developing a loyal engaged audience and has developed the leading bouquet of live TV streaming apps available for Blackberry devices.

Tablet Applications

All tablet platforms

Yamgo delivers a full proposition of live TV streaming apps for all major tablet platforms capitalising on the global popularity of the internet connected devices. The Yamgo TV network is fully accessible across platforms such as iOS, Android, WebOS, Blackberry and Windows.

AiPad is the landmark product in tablet development and commands the greatest share of the market. More consumers download apps and consume video on iPad than all other tablet computers combined. Recognising this, Yamgo has developed a number of unique iPad apps to deliver a high quality user experience whilst enabling content partners to increase their audience share, brand profile and revenue streams.

Amazon Kindle Fire an Android tablet available for less than half the price of its competitors has become the dominant device on the Google backed platform. Yamgo TV apps, available through Google Play and the Amazon App Store, ensure a captivating user experience and allow content partners to build new relationships with viewers whilst growing their brand and revenue.

Web Applications

Brand and revenue opportunities

Focus on providing a rich and compelling user experience and enable Yamgo to provide consumers with a consistent access to live TV whilst delivering brand and revenue opportunities for content partners. The Yamgo TV network is accessible to a potential audience of billions with apps available through Facebook, Chrome Web Store, Mac App Store and Mozilla Marketplace.