Desktop TV

Reach users regardless of platform

Yamgo makes it easy for content owners, distributors, operators and broadcasters to give viewers the highest quality and most engaging online video experience possible no matter where they are, without the cost and complexity of in-house development.

Yamgo Desktop TV Solution

Unique interactive viewing experience

The rapid increase in the popularity of internet TV combined with the proliferation of high speed internet presents new opportunities for content distribution. Yamgo delivers linear TV and simulated live TV to all computer devices, including PC, laptop and Mac, and across web applications such as Facebook, Chrome and Mac. The Yamgo TV solution enables content partners to develop a unique interactive viewing experience which ensures new audiences, revenue streams and enhanced brand recognition.

  • Increase your viewership and add new members to your audience by integrating online programming to your distribution strategy. Connect your audience via interactive social engagement features to keep them involved and returning on a regular basis, as well as attract new viewers.
  • Boost viewership and strengthen brand loyalty with a consistent, branded video experience by creating customized channel pages with your own corporate identity.
  • Monetize your content using the Yamgo video advertising services and benefit from our established advertising partnerships.
  • Yamgo provides full analytics and reporting enabling content partners to track viewing figures, audience behaviour and revenue streams.
  • Take advantage of Yamgo secure video hosting to seamlessly verify a user's entitlement to content in a manner that is both simple and secure.