Mobile TV Network

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Yamgo offers users an intuitive, original and compelling user experience, available via applications and the mobile web, which enhances the personal nature of mobile devices and encourages individuality.

Yamgo Mobile TV Network

Network of channels and users

The Yamgo Mobile TV Network is more than simply a delivery system, it is a network of channels and users who interact and experience, share and expand, and is quickly growing to be the one place users will go to watch high-quality mobile content - whether it is live, scheduled or video on demand.

The ground breaking user experience has resulted in higher advertising revenues, increased viewership and frequency as well as creating communities and loyalty around the content and brand.

The Yamgo TV Cloud enables signal ingest, encoding and transcoding of content in multiple formats and device detection allowing the delivery of optimised streaming to multiple mobile phones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia and Android based devices.

The inclusion of non-intrusive adverts and promotions on the Yamgo Mobile TV Network enables the monetisation of content whilst maintaining high levels of service and user satisfaction.

Yamgo delivers a service that is both customisable and scalable and has extensive experience integrating with leading content partners and third-party aggregators.

Yamgo provides easy integration for new content partners, as well as comprehensive content management tools across a range of services ensuring we deliver your content in the most visually stunning video format possible, grow your audience, boost engagement time and increase your revenue.

Mobile TV Network Benefits to your Business

Live TV and VOD

Reach 100% of your audience by delivering interactive, engaging content to all mobile devices.

Global distribution

Globalise content to increase reach, grow market share and generate new revenue.

Revenue Models

Monetize your content and maximise revenue from your audience.

Innovative Technology

Deliver high quality service in multiple formats and bit rates to multiple devices.

Content Management

Reduce workflow, costs and time.

Audience Targeting

Protect your ownership and geographic rights.

Social Media Sharing Tools

Create communities and loyalty around content and brand.


Fully adaptable service to complement your brand, content and target group.