TV Cloud

Our advanced network ensures it won't rain on your parade

The Yamgo TV Cloud provides full service and support, including the encoding, delivery, monetization and analysis of live and on demand content, ensuring you reach 100% of your audience

Delivering live TV and video to multiple screens across multiple platforms and devices requires support for a number of delivery protocols, video formats and file containers, as well as the ability to identify a device, an application or site, its capabilities and supported protocols.

Adaptive Bit Rate

Multiple device delivery

The Yamgo TV Cloud detects the bandwidth and specifications for each user automatically, and then adjusts the delivery format and bit-rate to minimize buffering and maximise quality for both live and on demand content.

Multi-Format Streaming

Engage with your audience

The Yamgo TV Cloud solution supports outputs in various bitrates and formats, such as 3GPP, 3GP2, H.263, H.264, MP4, K3G, RM and WMV, iPhone, iPad, Android and IPTV, enabling your business to engage with more users than ever before.

Reliable & Scalable Infrastructure

Seamless viewing experience

The TV Cloud guarantees operation and reliability during critical peaks in traffic, always assuring a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Signal Acquisition & Transcoding

Reach all your audience

The TV Cloud requires only one source signal or file to provide streams in multiple formats and qualities and transcoding ensures live and on demand content is optimized for playback on multiple screens: computer (PC/Mac), TV (connected TV, set top boxes, games consoles) and mobile devices (smartphone and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia and Android devices), enabling you to reach 100% of your audience.

Analyse & Monetize

Pre-roll ad insertion

The TV Cloud Solution records viewer activities and data enabling the efficient optimization and management of content and an increased return on investment. Yamgo facilitates the effect monetization of content with an advertising solution that includes pre-roll ad insertion.

Optimized Viewing Experience

High quality streams

The adaptive bit rate technology guarantees your audience has a viewing experience that is optimized to their device and connection speed, always delivering your live and on demand content in the best possible quality.

Cost Effective and Integrated Solution

Unique delivery platform

The Yamgo Delivery Platform incorporates a complete signal to delivery service, eradicating the need for separate technologies and collaborations, therefore, saving your business time and money.