Mobile Streaming

Reach users wherever they go, on any device

Yamgo is an industry leader in developing mobile TV streaming services

Mobile Video Streaming Service

Seamless advert insertion

Yamgo provides the most comprehensive, full-featured video streaming solution specifically architected for mobile devices. This technology enables content owners, distributors, operators and broadcasters to distribute directly to consumers allowing a real-time viewing experience wherever they go.

Yamgo’s video streaming technology enables optimised delivery by adapting bit rates of video and audio to changing network conditions. This technology means that both picture and audio quality change to meet the specifications of the device playing the video. The Yamgo streaming technology supports thousands of devices around the world including iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, LG, Windows, Android handsets, iPad and other tablets.

The mobile streaming platform can deliver seamless advert insertion with outstanding image and sound quality at all bit rates, enabling a more compelling user experience.

The Yamgo mobile streaming solution can be incorporated as part of your digital media distribution strategy providing the ability to monetize your video content whilst introducing your brand to a new audience and providing existing users with added value.