Signal Capture & Ingest

From the heavens to the cloud, be seen anywhere

Yamgo makes it easy for you to distribute and monetize your content by using technology that can quickly and easily capture and ingest signals

Yamgo TV Cloud

Capture and ingest solution

Yamgo can provide content acquisition services to capture and ingest your content from a variety of sources including live channels and events to video files. The Yamgo TV Cloud includes satellite downlink or fibre delivery of content in either standard or high definition formats and can ingest all types and size of video content from single titles to an entire video library.

As your content is captured for delivery the Yamgo delivery platform, stores data for each channel and video file and content is introduced to our management systems. The major attributes of your content is logged into the program database. The media is then stored in the cloud service so that end users can access your content through the Yamgo TV network on any screen including mobile, desktop and connected TV sets.

The Yamgo capture and ingest solution allows you to deliver live streams globally, and take advantage of innovative features such as social media sharing, video advertising, adaptive bit rate, device recognition, audience analytics, and secure video hosting.