Video Advertising

Increase your reach and monetise your content

Yamgo is one of the largest online TV networks, we provide specialist video advertising opportunities to monetize content and reach global audiences


Reach a global audience

Yamgo is one of the world's leading video advertising companies delivering millions of targeted campaigns for many of the world's largest consumer brands. The Yamgo TV network allows brands and ad agencies to communicate with their audience through the most powerful medium in the world using the unique brand solutions of video advertising. Yamgo allows advertisers to reach consumers anywhere and on any platform with an immediacy that provides a unique opportunity to grow brand awareness and engage consumers.


Monetise your content

Yamgo has a portfolio of premium publishers covering all sectors and genres of content from some of the world's leading TV brands. By working with Yamgo, publishers are able to monetize their content across an ever-increasing range of media platforms. Yamgo currently monetizes content including video clips, IPTV, Satellite TV and both Live and Linear TV channels.

The Yamgo video advertising network delivers targeted messaging across multiple screens including:

  • Computer desktop and laptop
  • TV set top boxes
  • Games consoles including Playstation 3 and Xbox 360
  • Media Tablets including the iPad
  • Any 3G enabled mobile phone device
  • Smartphone apps incluing Nokia, iOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Facebook App which allows users to watch Yamgo whilst on the Facebook platform

Using the Yamgo TV Cloud, content owners including broadcasters, live events promoters, TV companies and other content rights holders can monetize their media on devices and screens, all around the world. Media can be captured and ingested from any location worldwide and the Yamgo advertising server dynamically inserts pre-roll video messaging to accompany content play out. Additionally the Yamgo TV Cloud enables in-stream and mid-roll video adverts, similar to traditional TV advertising, to be utilised when required.

Ad Formats

Targeted delivery

Video adverts can be played across all screens and platforms in a consistent high quality targeted delivery format. Video advertising can be targeted in a similar way to traditional TV advertising allowing campaign targets and audiences profiles to be matched to deliver targeted ad campaigns.